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NHL Hockey Player Projections

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Steve's Cheat Sheet!

No more buying multiple magazines and spending relentless hours comparing the data yourself ...  Steve’s already done the homework for you!

Whether you are a regular poolie, or a newbie, Steve’s Cheat Sheet is the perfect reference tool to help pick the BEST possible team for your hockey pool!

Steve’s Cheat Sheet shows Steve’s rankings and projections and where a player can be found in the top hockey magazines to speed research during your hockey draft.





Included in the - Excel Version

Only $11.95

500+ Player Projections

50 Goalies

All Last Years Stats

Players Salary & Cap Hit

Sortable Excel File


Included in the - PDF Version

Only $9.95

300 Player Projections

50 Goalies

Last Year Point Totals

Players Cap-Hit

Alphabetical Player Listing

Reference Sources:


The Hockey News

The Score Sports Forecasters

The Poolers Guide

McKeen’s Hockey (Salaries) (Advanced Stats) for hockey statistics

Steve’s vast Hockey Knowledge

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